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Laura - Founder

Nordic House is the passion project of Laura Lykkegaard - the Danish Capetonian who moved to the tip of Africa in 1993 to start a small advertising paper. She (like everyone who visits Cape Town) fell in love with the place and its people and decided to stay. Over the years, she has helped numerous Nordic businesses, big and small, to set up in this beautiful part of the world, such as H&M, Europæiske Rejseforsikring/Euro-Center, assisting design- and energy companies, and many more. She has become the go-to person for every Nordic business/person/official that needs the know-how on South African business.
Laura has been serving as a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador for more than 20 years and is also a Global Partner at BLOXHUB (the largest urban development network in the world).
She converses in three of the Nordic languages and is known to have the most extensive and valuable Nordic network in Southern Africa.

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Chief Operating Officer

Victoria is an exceptional professional known for "polishing diamonds", delivering excellence in all her endeavors and GETTING IT DONE. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked with a diverse array of companies in the USA, UK, EU, and ZA, ranging from startups (including a search engine before Google!) to industry giants like Microsoft and NBC Universal.

Technology Advisor

Steve is the Founder & Managing Director of, one of SA's leading digital agencies. He is also a

Technologist, Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Digital Strategist, Road & Trail Runner.

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Legal Advisor

Andy is a commercial attorney with over thirty years’ experience in drafting a wide variety of commercial agreements and advising on transactions of many kinds. Andy is numerate and have a background in tax advice. He strive to be analytical, practical and sensible in the advice I give. He has advised a number of Scandinavian companies on establishing and conducting business operations in South Africa.

Marketing Advisor

Ines is a Norwegian Marketer that has lived in Cape Town since 2009. She has long experience from various jobs within marketing and sales that benefitted from her understanding of doing business across boarders cultures.

Today she is the CEO & Founder of Pine3 Marketing, a holistic marketing agency that specializes in converting clicks to customers by creating customer journeys for their clients.

Ines is passionate about business and marketing, and contributes to the Nordic House with both business understanding and marketing expertise.

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